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Isla de Lobos

412 years ago, Isla de Lobos was the place where the first cattle landed in Uruguay.
A hidden paradise of 1,200 hectares, surrounded by impressive rivers on the tranquil west coast of Uruguay, with a combination of abundant nature.
Triangular in shape, with unique coastal features.
To the west, along the Uruguay River, there is a low strip with surprising biodiversity, protected as a natural wetland reserve. The Argentine coast offers spectacular sunsets and occasionally cigar-shaped clouds that announce the Pampero wind.
On the northeast coast, along the Yaguarí River, we find a narrow but deep channel with a higher and fertile coastline. Finally, on the southeast coast, near the Boca Falsa of the Río Negro and its delta, there stretches a long beach of white sand, surrounded by native forest and bathed by wide, calm, and shallow waters, teeming with fish.
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